Airplane Mode Vs Cellular Mode


  Asked by Anonymous - Airplane Mode Vs Cellular Mode :
What can I do with airplane mode on my iphone?  Can you explain this?  I'm wondering if cellular and airplane mode should be turned on or off at different times.

joe Says:
What airplane mode means is just another way of telling you that you want to shut off electronic communication on your iphone.

This is saying no communication for sending or reading any new text messages, no making phone calls, no using any wifi anywhere and no maps or cell tower usage in any way.

Anonymous Says:
why would I want to ever turn airplane mode on if I all that is shut off??  (Other then flying of course).  That would make the iphone worthless.

joe Says:
Not necessarily.  Some people travel to another country and want to use the iphone as a camera.  There is something else you can do also.  When you turn on airplane mode, you can then enable wifi after turning airplane mode on, then you can use imessage and can access the internet.  This is a way that you can make sure you arent getting charged or hitting any fees of any types internationally, while still using the iphone for some of these types of things.  Its a way you can take phone and post to facebook or post on twitter or instagram, send imessages, and yet you know for sure you aren't getting charged for anything.

Anonymous Says:
That makes sense when you say it that way thx

Anonymous Says:
The reason you would turn cellular data off is because you just want to make sure you are only ever using wifi. There is a reason for that also. You could be over data limits and want to make sure you aren't getting any higher costs and guarantee only wifi is being used.

Be aware that turning off cellular data is NOT the same as turning on airplane mode.  You can still make phone calls even if cellular data is turned off.  If you are in a remote location and you do not have wifi, then you wont be able to access the internet.  Cellular data is not available so its wifi only access guaranteed.

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