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  Asked by Anonymous - Siri How To Type Double Quotes :
When I'm using Siri, which I almost always do at home instead of typing the imessage text, if I want to put double quotes typed automatically is there a way to say it?  When I say the word double quote, it actually types out the wording instead.

Anonymous Says:
By the way I always have it type comma, exclamation point, etc. so I would be suprised if there isnt a way.  You can say stuff in siri like : again, there has to be a way!  .... and it types that out automatically if you talk into it as "again comma there has to be a way exclamation point"

Anonymous Says:
I just found it!  You have to say "quote" instead of saying "double quote"

Anonymous Says:
These are some of the things you can just say with voice that Siri will type out:

question mark
exclamation point
dot or period
smiley face
frowny face
dollar sign
open parenthesis or close parenthesis

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