Iphone Keeps Restarting


  Asked by Anonymous - Iphone Keeps Restarting :
why does my iphone keep restarting?  THere have been at least 10 times I picked it up and its as if I shut if off (which I haven't).  The iphone is just restarting on its own and I dont remember it ever doing this in the past.

Anonymous Says:
Whenever stuff like this is happening, check for the latest iphone update for iOS.  Sometimes bugs are introduced in new software upgrades, so patches are put out shortly after that.  Anytime my iphone starts doing anything unusual like this I make sure I have the latest update done.  It has often fixed the problem.

Anonymous Says:
Is your battery in really bad shape where it could be triggering that?  You can check your battery condition in the ios settings now (not the % avaiable but actual battery condition).

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