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  Asked by Anonymous - Iphone Update Draining Battery :
I just updated my iphone to the latest ios and its draining battery much faster.  Even sitting idle it seems like its draining much faster as the old iphone version didnt drain the battery at all when "not in use".  Any ideas on how to fix this?

Anonymous Says:
This happened to me that when I updated it reset some of my settings.  

Here is what I did, go through your settings and

- Turn off push notifications.
- Adjust the screen brightness, mine had changed and you dont need it full brightness, set it back to where you had it.
- Make sure background app refresh is OFF.  That will drain your battery always checking and updating apps.
- Turn off "listen for siri".  I activate siri only when I press the home button.  I dont want anything draining my battery that I'm not using.

Anonymous Says:
Go into the battery option.  At the bottom you will see what apps or things used the most battery.  Its good to look through.  The "usage" should not be bumping up (or definitely very little) when the phone has been sitting for 10 minutes or so and locked and screen off.   This is good to check through and look at.

Anonymous Says:
Turn off bluetooth.  Dont have anything on that you aren't using on the iphone as it all adds up and drains battery.  I turn off location services unless I'm out somewhere and need maps or apps that use maps etc.   I typically leave wifi on, thats the one I dont turn off, but bluetooth I have off because I rarely use it so it depends on how you use it.

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