How Do I Copy Pictures From Computer Pc To Iphone?


  Asked by Anonymous - How Do I Copy Pictures From Computer Pc To Iphone? :
I have a windows PC, how do I copy photos to my Iphone  (Not the other way!  I want to copy to the iphone).

Anonymous Says:
Here is the simples way to copy pictures, follow these few steps.

1) Connect your iphone to windows pc.

2) Open itunes.

3) I usually create a new folder on my pc for this purpose, and copy the phones to that folder, meaning the pictures that you want to copy and save on your iphone.

4) Click the little icon on itunes that shows the iphone, so you know you are viewing the iphone, and then go to photos (so you are viewing photos on the iphone)

5) See the option on the right that says "copy photos from"?  Click that, click "choose folder" and choose your windows folder where you just put your pictures.   Make sure the box above that says sync photos is checked, and down on the bottom click "sync", this will copy all in that folder and you will see them in your iphone photo album.   Note that it will show a new folder in your album!  They appear there, not in the same location as all your other pictures.

Anonymous Says:
I wish I could just use windows explorer to drag and copy the photos to my iphone.  You can copy from iphone on to the PC using windows explorer, but I want to copy photos the other direction also without using itunes.

Anonymous Says:
Be aware if you use the same folder that you used before, you might see a folder in that which says "ipod photo cache".  Delete that because on mine my photos would not sync to the iphone from that folder until I removed it, probably because it had the old details in it, it will be created again when you sync in itunes again.

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