Iphone Keeps Asking Me To Enter Wifi Password


  Asked by Anonymous - Iphone Keeps Asking Me To Enter Wifi Password :
Why does my iphone keep asking me for my wifi password and asking me to join the network?  It just started doing this, it would always connect automatically in the past as its my home wifi network.

Anonymous Says:
Another thing is I enter my password and it still keeps ASKING for a password.  The password I'm entering is correct.

Joe Says:
I had this exact same issue occurring.  I went into my iphone settings and went to "general", scroll down to "reset", and then choose the option to "reset network settings".  Your iphone will then reboot.  Then I went back into my wifi settings, entered my wifi password and everything worked fine!  For some reason the iphone can get messed up over time so resetting the network and re-entering fixed it for me.  :)

Make sure you are choosing the right option in there and dont choose the other erase options!

Anonymous Says:
My router apparently causes this same problem when I use the mac.  Not sure why that is, but eventually it just connects and the problem is then fixed (until it happens again next time of course!)

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