Got A New Iphone. No Photos Transferred Over?


  Asked by Anonymous - Got A New Iphone. No Photos Transferred Over? :
I just got a new iphone and set it up and none of my photos from my old iphone transferred over, there are some pictures I definitely to not want to lose.  Can I recover these photos or get them back on my new iphone?

Anonymous Says:
Did you do a backup to itunes on computer?  That would have saved everything.  If you connect your iphone to computer and reload from backup in itunes, it should have all of them there, no problem.

Anonymous Says:
I actually keep all my photos on a USB thumb drive, not connected to any computer.  That way I always know there is a separate backup and I can view them all there too (at least the important ones I wanted to keep).

I do this by just connecting iphone to my windows computer, then open windows explorer and copy and paste to the computer.  Then I just copy them to a thumb drive after that so its not connected to anything as a backup.

Joe Says:
I guess it really depends if you want to use icloud for backup or if you want to just backup your photos locally.

Joe Says:
For critical pictures I kind of like just having a local copy stored also like you said with thumb drive, it feels more secure to me knowing I have that and can view it as cloud is still "on the net".

Joe Says:

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