Why Should I Use Airplane Mode?


  Asked by Anonymous - Why Should I Use Airplane Mode? :
On my iphone I'm just wondering do I ever really need to use airplane mode?  I haven't ever even turned it on.  

Does it ever really need to be used if we dont fly?

Joe Says:

There are actually some really good times where you should turn airplane mode on, outside of flying!  :-)    With my iphone I turn mine on fairly often.  For example if you want no messages and no phone calls, but still want your iphone on for wifi or other things like flying a drone!  Which I do :)   This way when flying the drone you aren't interrupted by someone messaging you!  Airplane mode prevents this.  

If I was traveling ot another country I would probably use it also since I wouldnt want international phone calls (expensive).

Anonymous Says:
There are other reasons.  When flying a drone always put into airplane mode.  Drone's do not want interference when trying to view the flight.

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