What Causes High Iphone Data Use?


  Asked by Anonymous - What Causes High Iphone Data Use? :
I've been using iphone and my data usage is very high.  What is causing so much data use or what are the things that are using so much of this?

Anonymous Says:
Look at what things are running in the background, for example I always turn off background app refresh.  That means it automatically is updating your apps, which I'd rather just do myself anyways as needed.  If you aren't on wifi then that means all that is occurring over cell towers, which = data use

On that note do most of your stuff when you have wifi connection, as long as you do it ove wifi then its not considered data usage.

Jim Says:
Data use will be alot higher if you are loading pictures on websites or apps.  For example facebook or instagram, all those pictures loading are large and consume data quickly as you scroll through it.  Do that type of stuff on wifi only.  Same with video, if you are on youtube or hulu or any other type of video viewing which isnt locally stored on your iphone and not being viewed over wifi on your iphone, then obviously thats consuming alot of data over cell towers.

Anonymous Says:
On my iphone I use an app called "fishing map & track" which is a map that I can mark my good and bad fishing spots for later viewing, and if I go to satellite view on that I noticed my data goes up.  If I just leave regular map view it doesnt, which I think goes to show you that any type of imagery has to pass alot more data then non imagery stuff.  I'm always using cell tower for that because I'm doing it out on the river.

Anonymous Says:
When you think of data usage when using celltowers, just think of a photo being 2 Meg on average, then you scroll through 50 of them on instagram.  Then think of a video being 20 Meg each for everyone you watch on youtube.  That will give you an idea how much data you are using if you add that up, and you will see its quickly going bye-bye.

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