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  Asked by Anonymous - Imessage Not Being Received :
I have a friend and we text each other often using iMessage on our iphones but around 5 days ago I couldnt receive her messages. She said she wasnt getting my imessages either.  What can I do to fix this?

Also she tried using facetime and I wasnt getting that on my iphone either.  The imessage problem and not being received are the bigger issue though.  Anyone have this or know what would cause the messages to not be received ?  Thank you

Jim Says:
Try this:

Each of you go into your imessage settings and turn on the feature that notifies others of the read receipt, so each of you get notified when the message gets read.  This will at least tell you if the imessages are being received or not so you dont have to guess.  

Now each of you go into imessage and turn it off for a few minutes, then turn it back on.  This should help reset it as maybe there is something that is messed up but thats not something I've heard of happening.

Anonymous Says:
Is her imessages being received by others?  Or is it just you that are not receiving the messages?  Thats an important piece you left out.  Same question for you.

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