How Do I Setup Apple Pay


  Anonymous - How Do I Setup Apple Pay :
Im looking  for step-by-step instructions on how to set up Apple Pay on the iPhone.  Is there a manual anywhere that explains this in detail

Anonymous Says:
Your credit card is already in there when you setup itunes, so it was  pretty simple back when I set it up.  You basically just select your credit card as the choice to charge to, and make apple pay active.  Thats it.  You go to a place that has apple pay at the cash register, just put your thumb on the home button and touch the device by the register and it shows done.

Anonymous Says:
It works pretty slick but not every place offer it.  Where I'm at only a few restaurants offer apply pay.  (Chic Fila, Mcdonalds)

Anonymous Says:
How do you use apple pay at the gas pump?  There is a gas pump near me which I see has the apple pay logo on it and looks like a thing you can tap against for the payment, but I wasnt sure how to use that so I didnt try it.

Anonymous Says:
To use at a gas pump it works just like the credit card, so hold the phone right up to the reader, and the screen changes to "authorizing" just like you had slid your credit card in.  Then it usually asks for a zip code entry on the gas pump just like it does with credit card.   Thats all you do.

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