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  Asked by Anonymous - Wart On Side Of Nose :
I have a small wart (or at least I think thats what it is as I have never had a wart before) on side of my nose.  Kind of where my glasses usually sit, its been there for a while and the wart seems to be getting more noticeable.  Is there a way I can get rid of this easily?

Anonymous Says:
Here is how I got rid of my wart. I actually had 2 small ones on my nose, or maybe it was the same one that came back again as it was roughly the same spot, and I got rid of it for good.  The dermatologist told me that duct tape will get rid of warts over time, and thats not a myth it really works, but you have to stick with it as its not quick.
My wart was similiar the nose crease area, slightly up, so it sounds like close to where the wart on your nose is at in that glasses area.

I started cutting out a small square piece of duct tape each day after work, just big enough to cover entire wart and some skin along side to get a good seal.  Wash your face first with soap, you must get the skin oil off so the duct tape sticks tightly.  Also, it must be duct tape, other tape wont work.  So I wore this all night, while sleeping too, and next morning I removed it because I didnt want tape on my nose at work lol
At night the wart really started itching, so I thought that was a great sign, it told me the wart was irritated by this.  For me I noticed the wart was getting noticeably smaller after even 3 days or so.  I wish I could have had the duct tape on there all day because I'm sure that would have worked even better.  If you stop to early when it seems gone, it will come back.  Thats what happened with me once I stopped. So I repeated the duct tape method again, and once it got lower I start putting wart remover on, then duct tape over it.  Wart remover is called salicylic acid and you can it anywhere, walgreens, cvs, etc.  Put just a tiny dab on to cover wart only, then duct tape over it.  This is what I did.  It REALLY irritated the wart which is great, and actually created a tiny scab there, which is fine if thats what it takes to get rid of the wart.

I think I ended up doing the wart remover and duct tape combo for less then a week, only at night after work until next day for maybe 5 days, then finally after it looked like it was gone I just used the duct tape at night again for 3 or 4 more days just to make sure.  

That worked, thats all I did and it never came back again.  Actually if its under your glasses its even better because it will leave a small red area there from the tape and small scab from wart remover when you start using that, but its not a big deal.  Much more important to get rid of it and it quickly heals after that.  No scar or anything like that.

Anonymous Says:
I had 3 warts removed on underside of my wrist but just realized that its easier to have the dermatologist doctor freeze them with liquid nitrogen spray.  Yeah I wouldnt want to do that on my nose though because it blisters up for a few weeks then just falls off and red goes away over months ahead.  

Anxious about wart remover Says:
But my wart is on the side of the nose where the bridge of glasses sits.  I think it would be dangerous to apply the wart remover that close to your eye.

I have heard that Vicks vapor rub works.  I will try that and the duct tape.

Anonymous Says:
On the wart remover, I would read the bottle to see what the warnings are, I wouldnt get it near the eye but maybe away from it is fine. I will check it when I go to CVS as I dont have the old bottle here anymore.  The fumes might annoy the eyes but I think vicks vapor rub may do that also?

Anonymous Says:
You will see the wart go down alot the first few days of using duct tape over the wart.  My wart was almost flat completely which I was surprised to see that happening.  The duct tape piece was so small that mine did fall off easily but if you soap it first its get the oil off the skin, the duct tape really held well once i started doing that

Anonymous Says:
Soap the area first then wash and dry it of course, it actually made me realize how oily the face gets lol

Anonymous Says:
Interesting that you mentioned how oily the face gets because I just got back from the eye doctor, and he was talking to me about people getting problems on their eye lids or on eye lashes, and he said I should always be washing face and eye lids good twice a day with soap to remove the the oil buildup to keep problems from happening.  Not wart related but interesting reading this.

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