Calf pull - How long injury take to heal?


  Asked by Anonymous - Calf pull - How long injury take to heal?:
I pulled my calf muscle running on the treadmill.  I'm walking with a major limp, it was kind of a strong burning sensation when the pull occurred.

If I were going to point it out it would be just below the calf muscle section, kind of in the middle area but not all the way down by achilles.  How long has others taken to heal with this type of calf injury?  Its really sore walking and I have to walk very slowly.

Anonymous Says:
Sounds similiar to what I did, I hurt mine on the treadmill also.  Treadmills are common for this type of injury.  For me I was limping for a good 7 days, mostly the first 5 days if I remember right, and it was kind of tweaking again after that for a few days if I didnt walk on it right.   I would plan on 10 days before you walk completely pain free and normal without the calf hurting.

Anonymous Says:
It depends if its a grade 1 calf pull or grade 2 calf pull as all injuries are not the same.  Does it hurt to touch it or poke the area?  Also is there any black and blue there?  If black and blue then its bleeding from the muscle tearing, as all pulls are tears are some sort.

Anonymous Says:
No black and blue color (happy about that) but its very sore if I poke the injured calf spot with my finger.  Only that one spot.

Anonymous Says:
Also does the tendon area of achilles take longer to heal then the muscle area up on the calf?

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