Does zona plus work?


  Asked by Anonymous - Does zona plus work?:
Have you tried the zona plus to lower blood pressure?  How does the zona actually work?  Thanks for any feeback you can give from your own experience using it.

Anonymous Says:
I was reading about it and apparently it says that squeezing for 2 minutes then releasing then doing it again 2 minutes and following that pattern helps the blood circulation and improves the blood pressure but it needs to be squeezed at 30% for the 2 minute duration.  Thats what I read anyways, maybe you can buy a different gripper to check the pressure and do the same thing I'm not sure, but zona costs alot.  The thing is, if I knew zona really helped blood pressure for sure, then that would be well worth the cost no matter what.  

Anonymous Says:
I'm trying to do some squeezing techniques using one of those grippers that measures you pounds when you squeeze.  I'll let you know if it actually helped or not, it is a workout doing it for 2 minutes though, your forearms will burn.  But then again its not susposed to be easy if you want it to actually help.

Anonymous Says:
I'm wondering this also. I'd rather not take blood pressure meds and its a huge problem world wide as you get older (when I was younger my BP was always low!).

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