Calf pull on treadmill


  Asked by Anonymous - Calf pull on treadmill:
Is it common for calf muscle to pull on treadmill?  I dont remember this ever happening before but I have pulled my calf muscle multiple times now jogging on treadmill.

Anonymous Says:
Treadmills are notoriously bad for calves!!!   It happens, and yeah it sucks.  As you get older if you use treadmill alot then it will occur, for me its only when jogging but if you incline it at all then it will strain the calf.

Anonymous Says:
I think the pull occurs because its the same level and angle and hits the same spot on the calf muscle over and over again.  Even after walking fast for 35 minutes I feel that strain in the same spot on my calves so it defintely wears on them.  I think when you walk outside you dont get that the same way because the angles are always changing even slightly where treadmill doesn't.

Anonymous Says:
I actually only walk on treadmill because I get calf injuries on it when I jog.  Walking is a good workout though, I walk fast like "rain is coming better hurry" type of walk.  Walk as fast as you can while keep your normal walking form.  If your form is all off and abnormal, then you are walking to fast as thats not good.

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