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  Asked by Anonymous - Pinkish spot on skin:
What would cause a redish pinkish colored spot on my skin that kind of leaks.  The skin feels thin and flaky there, and kind of has a little liquid that sometimes leaks out of it.  Its been there a while, but is small enough where if I put a dime over it, that would cover it.

Anonymous Says:
It sounds exactly like what I had (I actually had 2 of them, and one again a few years later).  It was pink colored just like you said, and 2 were on my arm and one on my shoulder but they all kind of leaky as you said and one would bleed a little when I scratched it and would get a little scab on it after that.  There wont go away.  You probably need to go to a dermatologist is my guess, I wouldnt mess with it.  

Anonymous Says:
By the way I think they will spray it with liquid nitrogen, it just freezes and falls off after blister and scabbing.  Its not a big deal but you need to get rid of them.

Anonymous Says:
The main thing to look for on your skin is melanoma because thats the most dangerous, like if you have any type of brown spot that changes size or color. (For example freckles and brown spots are common, but they usually have a clear border, but if something changes size or border frays out or border changes on skin etc, that should be checked immediately by dermatologist).

Another thing thats really common is basal cell which will be a red bump, redish and raised above the skin level just slightly. That basal cell will grow so it has to be removed by dermatologist.

Another thing really common is AK which is a redish pinkish spot on skin which sounds just like you explained ( and often leaking or bleeding slightly when scratched like you also explained).  These are common also and dermatologist will freeze it off or give you a cream called picato gel which in a few days will make it scab and fall off (picato is better because it leaves no scar, but if its on your back or somewhere not seen I would just have them freeze it off since its quick and gets rid of it).  If its on your face then picato gel is better since it wont leave a scar, just a red mark that goes away within a week.

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