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  Asked by Anonymous - Prescribed Alcortin A by dermatologist:
When I went to the dermatologist, he prescribed me Alcortin A which is a greenish colored skin lotion used to treat different rashes.  This did work well (in area where skin is really soft lol) and it did start burning a little which I didnt mind because it got rid of the skin itching in that area.  The skin rash was pink and red colored and just looked inflamed, but the alcortin a did get rid of this after several days.  The alcortin comes in these small packages for single use and is very watery like, so dont waste it, I actually used the package a couple times but it depends how bigg the area on your skin you need to run it on.  The dermatologist doctor said to me that for my use I should use it 2 weeks straight and use it 2 times a day.   The skin still kind of itches now that I'm no longer using it, but has never returned to the level it was once at, but you dont want to start scratching at all as I have learned it will come back quickly once I start scratching

Anonymous Says:
Have your doctor prescribe Hydrocortisone / Iodoquinol 1%/1% cream,
and buy a tube of Cortisone 10 over the counter anti itch cream.
It contains the other 1% Hydrocortisone and aloe extracts.

Mix equal parts of the two creams together then apply to the effected area.

For me it works better, it is a cream instead of a runny gel and it doesn't have the blue green dye in it.  My insurance (ACA) covered the script and the Cortisone 10 cream was 8 bucks at CVS

I personally won't take part in the scam for the "real" stuff.

Anonymous Says:
I wrote the original article at top, and since have discovered a few important things.  First off yes it has come back over the past 2 years, but I also discovered the skin gets very irritated and itchy after I work out.  So if I work out and dry off, then dont show right away, the skin rash is far more itchy.  Not sure if thats because of the salt or minerals in the sweat, or bacteria from the sweat and heat or whatever, but it helps ALOT if I shower immediately and get dried off.  It makes a HUGE difference it how itchy the skin is.

The other thing, and this has been a savior, is I tried this out of the blue but I bought some aloe vera (pur clear aloe vera gel, only ingredient on bottle says aloe vera, nothing else) because I read that aloe vera is a mild anti inflammatory agent.  I just gave it a try because I didnt want to go back to dermatologist doctor to get this looked at again lol   Amazingly, this has worked.  When the skin was inflamed I rubbed some aloe vera on it at night and again during the day, and it actually burned a little which felt great because I was scratching it in my sleep and it was inflamed when I put the gel on.  This has gotten rid of it!  I think probably part of the problem was that the skin itches in your sleep and you scratch it, and once you do that the skin gets really pink and inflamed and itchy.  The aloe vera made it go away.

Anonymous Says:
Hopefully that helps others but I noticed it did take a few months of non scratching for the skin to turn from pinkish back to normal color.  Its gone now, and I actually feel like the aloe vera gel worked better then the alcortin a cream, as long as you notice it getting better and stick with it.  A few nights it was itching and I got up in the middle of night and put the aloe on it, and 5 minutes later the itch was gone and I could sleep again.  Today I just make sure I shower immediately after working out now, and everything seems back to normal.

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