What Would Cause Poop To Be Green?


  Asked by Anonymous - What Would Cause Poop To Be Green? :
I seen my poop was green, almost like a moss colored green and it kind of freaked me out.  What would cause this?

Anonymous Says:
Have you eaten any black licorice?  Absolutely that will change stool to be a dark greenish color.  Nothing to worry about in that case as it does that all the time with me because I like black licorice :)

Anonymous Says:
By the way if you eat beets alot they will change you stool to red color.  Dont freak out, beets have a strong red color when it comes to that.

Anonymous Says:
Its easy to panic just seeing different color but often foods can cause this.  Dont panic!  After one day of changing your diet will change the color though or certainly will be much less color since most food passes through you in 24 hours.

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