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  Asked by Anonymous - Foot Arches And Toes Are Sore :
I am a machine operator and I stand on my feet all day, there is very little movement when I'm on my feet.  My foot arches ache and even aches when I'm just sitting on the counch resting.  Any ideas that anyone here can share about how to make the feet feel better so this doesn't keep occurring?

Anonymous Says:
I'll tell you a quick story about my feet, and how changing the shoes fixed arch pain I was having.  My job is different then yours, I walk quite a bit but also sit alot, but one day my foot arches started aching like crazy for the first time in my life.  Like you it was aching even at home when I was relaxing.  I never had foot problem ever and finally realized I had changed to new shoes about a week before this.  I would have never guessed just a shoe change would cause so many problems but it can creep up on you without you even knowing.  I ended up getting jogging shoes, and its made a world of difference.  I dont mean the jogging shoes you buy online that are from china, I mean go to a jogging / running store, and buy the really good running shoes.  They are different, they last longer, and they have a "spongy" feel when walking.  I paid roughly $170 for them, these aren't the $45 running shoes you find online.  They actually had me stand on something to check foot pressure, then a digital screen showed where your pressure is when you stand, then they match the shoes for you.  

Like I said my job is different then yours, but no doubt in my mind the shoes can change everything.  Even when I walk on treadmill I no longer wear any shoes except specialized running shoes now, and I havent had any arch pain since I started doing that.  Take care of your feet.

Anonymous Says:
By the way if you have to wear dress shoes or specialized steel toe shows or something like that, I would spend alot of time looking around because the comfort and cusion on shoes make a big difference on heel pain and arch pain both.  I never really had any toe pain on my feet like you mentioned.  Based on shoes I wore in years past, some are much "lighter" on your feet also, and others much heavier.  It makes a difference also when on your feet all day because every time you move you are moving that extra weight.

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