Run Down From Flu


  Asked by Anonymous - Run Down From Flu :
Feeling so run down from flu bug, anything I can do?  Tired, sore, cant move off couch and have blankets on 24 x 7

Anonymous Says:
Not really a cure for the flu but I would try to drink water occasionally.  You need hydration and flu makes you not hungry and not thirsty, you cant be dehydrated so at least sip some water.  Even if hot water, just run it through coffee pot with no coffee to sip on hot water.

Anonymous Says:
Ibuprofen will helps break the chills.  Its not uncommon to always feel cold, take an ibuprofen, and 10 minutes later suddenly everything feels really hot.  It breaks those chills.

Anonymous Says:
Hot chicken soup with heavy garlic and other herbs in it.  That stuff has been used for a 100 years for a reason.

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