How To Tell If My Toe Is Broke?


  Asked by Anonymous - How To Tell If My Toe Is Broke? :
Its incredibly painfull even to walk on, and its has alot of blue and black coloration in the joint area of the toe.  Is this broken?

Anonymous Says:
It depends since you didnt give enough info.  If you kicked the corner of something while walking barefoot then it very well could have some broken bones.  There isnt much you can do about it anyways as long as its not the toe broken and pointing sideways or something liek that, all you can really do is rest it for many weeks and try to stay off the toe.

It helps to have your shoes off and have it elevated off the ground, I've been through this.  :)

Anonymous Says:
You can also really jam the joint area of any toe.  It may not be broke can be really painfull even when jammed and it can take a long time to heal.  Keep in mind there are alot of bones and tendons and all that type of stuff.

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