Inside Elbow Tendon Hurts


  Asked by Anonymous - Inside Elbow Tendon Hurts :
The inside area of my right elbow is really sore for the past several days.  Its like a tendon area, anyone have this same injury or do anything to help this get better?

Anonymous Says:
How did you injure it?

Anonymous Says:
Not really sure what I did, but its like a one inch area right on the inside funny bone area, that tendon or whatever feels like its "pulled".  Like closing the trunk on my car strains it, etc.

Anonymous Says:
You need to try to be conscious to do everything with left arm, everytime you close teh trunk or anything that continually hurts it just strains the injury and the elbow wont heal. You want to wear an elbow brace just as a reminder that you cant do any bending with that arm etc.

Anonymous Says:
You can buy elbow brace at walgreens or cvs if you dont want to buy one online.

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