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  Asked by Anonymous - Liquid Nitrogen Blister :
The dermatologist sprayed 2 spots on my skin with liquid nitrogen to get rid of the spots (forget what they called it).  There is a blister there on each now, how long does it take for a blister like this to go away?

Anonymous Says:
and will it be scarred?

Joe Says:
You will typically get a slight white tint on the skin, but not really a scar from the blister.  That coloration will go away in the months ahead.  For me blisters seem to last a couple weeks to fully go from blister to scab to healed, dont pick at the blister and dont pop the blister, irritating it like that will only make it worse.  

Anonymous Says:
Sometimes the dermatologist has to spray it a little longer or use the liquid nitrogen twice where they spray it again a few seconds after the first time (at least in my experience), which is to freeze a little deeper into the skin. For warts they typically always do that to remove them because its deeper in the skin. If the dermatologist did this on you then I would assume maybe 3 weeks.  Let the blister break on its own as it heals.

Anonymous Says:
wierd but I still have one scar on my forearm from over a decade ago (ak frozen) while other areas scars are gone within a year.  It seems like if the sun tans over an area then the red spot type scar is gone even after the tan is gone.  Its like the pigment overlayed everything to even it out again.

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