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  Asked by Anonymous - Stop Nosebleeds :
I always get nose bleeds during the winter time, is there a way to stop these from occurring?  The cold air or dry air seems to trigger it, and sometimes I get the nosebleeds more then once a day.  I can stop them pretty easily but I dont want them happening if I'm out somewhere eating or shopping for Christmas and doing that type of stuff.  Any ideas how to stop these?  

Anonymous Says:
By the way I have been getting these for years, its not like its something new.

Joe Says:
I had the same problem you had, and this is what worked for me.  Go to somewhere like CVS or Walgreens and get the saline nasal spray.  Its usually a pretty small bottle, but its only water.  The nosebleeds are happening because those membranes are getting all dries out in the nose.  Shake it up good and give it a spray up each nasal in the morning, and then do it again at night before you go to bed, that will change everything.  I usually pinched my nose after spraying just to get the liquid spread. The nosebleeds will stop.  If you are going out shopping as you stated, maybe do a quick spray before going also as that will make sure it does occur while out.

You probably only need to do that in winter months when heaters are running everywhere and air is really dry.

Anonymous Says:
The saline spray will stop the nosebleeds from occurring. Its the dry air, either a/c or heater that dries out the nose.  I use the saline spray for about 3 days in a row, in morning and at night before bed, then pinch the nose up high after spraying to help spread it, my nosebleeds completely stopped.

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