Shoulder Pain From Bench Press


  Asked by Anonymous - Shoulder Pain From Bench Press :
I continually get sore shoulders that seem to be occurring from free weight bench press.  Its not hurting bad enough that I cant continue lifting weights, but its sore enough that days after bench press the shoulder joint just feels tender.  Is it the form I'm doing on bench?

Anonymous Says:
You better take time off or at least going ligther on bench press.  Maybe change your form to see if you can find a way where its not hurting if you really want to keep benching.  Dont make the mistake I did, years ago I kept benching even though it was hurting my shoulders, and now my shoulders have been tender for 20 years.  Dont sacrifice by forcing the exercise, move on to others exercises or you will regret it as you get older.

Anonymous Says:
Try moving your hands close together on bench press, dont EVER do "chicken wing" bench with elbows pointed out and wider grip, that is hard on shoulder joints!  Experiment with hands closer in, or whatever position doesnt hurt.  Usually elbows pointed at 40 degrees roughly with closer grip is less joint problems but everyone should experiment with which bench press motion is right for them, and if none then give up bench press and move on to other exercises.  You dont HAVE to do benching.

Anonymous Says:
Listen to your body!  When something doesn't feel right you better lay off or stop.

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