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  Asked by Anonymous - Sore Knee - Kneecap Area :
What would cause my knees to be sore below the knee cap on the front of the knee?  This never used to be this way and I havent had knee issues ever in the past.  Thx

Anonymous Says:
How old are you?  As you get older its common for knees to get sore and WEAK especially if you are in a job where you sit all day.  Start walking outside every night, start slow and keep adding distance, try to walk 30 to 45 minutes at a brisk pace about 5 days a week.  Work your way up to that if you have to, you cant be inactive.

Anonymous Says:
This is part of the reason why stand up desks are getting popular.  They are tiring but even if you stand for 15 minutes then sit and rotate that way it helps blood circulation in legs.

Anonymous Says:
I started doing leg presses (just really light weights, for example 8 to 10 reps but not heavy, could have probably done 15 reps at that weight) and I was shocked how weak my legs were.  I stuck with it for 2 months just doing that twice or 3 times a week with days off in between.  I could feel alot of knee strain early on, which is why I kept it so light.  Eventually that strain went away and I started increasing the weight also.  This really showed me how weak my knees were, and legs were.  Everyone should do some type of pressing motion as you get older, if you dont your legs will be far weaker then you realize.  I'm still kind of in shock at how my knee strain is all completely gone today.  The first few weeks you will notice improvement quickly.

Anonymous Says:
By the way my routine is 5 sets of 8 reps, but go by how much knee strain you feel.  If it strains alot then go lighter until it goes away, then start increasing weight to strengthen your knee area. Put your feet shoulder width apart of slightly wider, and angle your feet where it feels best to eliminate strain early on until you see strength improve.

Anonymous Says:
Working out has change everhting for me.  My knees feel a 100 times better.  If you sit all day and think you will get by without doing any type of workout, then you better be prepared for major knee problems as you get older.    

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