Jaw Keeps Swelling After Dental Work Was Done


  Asked by Anonymous - Jaw Keeps Swelling After Dental Work Was Done :
For about three weeks now the side of my face ,two inches below earlobe , under jaw and side of face is swollen off and on. I realized today that when I'm lying down on the couch with my right hand propping up my head the swelling starts.  It goes away after about a couple of hours.

I read sometimes after dental work this happens. The first time it happened to me it was the day after I had my teeth cleaned. I thought mystery was solved, but it keeps happening. I found a fourth bottle of antibiotics and started taking then about five hours ago. Hope it works.

Anonymous Says:
You should call your dentist and ask them about it.  Its possible there could be some type of infection but I wouldnt start taking antibiotics unless they told you to do so.  At least call the dentist and explain  your situation, try to keep details so you can tell them exactly what is happening.

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