Feels Like Dust In The Eye


  Asked by Anonymous - Feels Like Dust In The Eye :
What would cause my eye to feel like there is a spec of dust in my eye?  I looked at in the mirror and I cant see anything but I can feel it there, almost like there is an eyelash in the eye or spec of dust stuck in there.  

Anonymous Says:
Are you sure nothing is actually in it?  Its not easy to spot trying to see it yourself.  How long has it felt that way?  If its multiple days I would definitely go to eye doctor (opthamologist or optometrist but opthamologist would be better choice )

Anonymous Says:
Here is an update, I went to eye doctor and they actually gave me a treatment to put in it or a prescription I mean for eye drops.  Its not actually dust or dirt or anything like that even though it feels like it.  He told me the name for it but I forget how he pronounced it but said the eye drops would take care of this problem.  

Anonymous Says:
Blepharitis can cause that along with burning in the eyes, dry eyes, etc.  Many people have some form of that and lid scrubs and eye lash cleaning is what alot of eye doctors recommend

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