Dry Eyes When I Wake Up In The Morning


  Asked by Anonymous - Dry Eyes When I Wake Up In The Morning :
My eyes are really dry when  I wake up in the morning.  Like to the point its hard to open and blink.  Is there a reason this would start happening, the eyes also itch alot throughout the day.  It never used to be that way.

Anonymous Says:
Its a common problem as you get older.  First off do you you sleep with a fan on?  Some people's eyes dont close when they sleep and stay partially open, the fan will certainly dry them out but if you have always done this then thats probably not the case.

I keep rewetting drops (artificial tears) right next to my pillow because my eyes are really dry in the morning, and I immediately put drops in each eye before even getting out of bed.  It makes my day much better, almost like if I leave them dry they get all irritated and the entire day they itch and bother me.  Putting drops in immediately when I wake up really helps that out.

By the way make sure any artificial tears you are use are the preservative free ones if you are going to be doing it daily. The eye doctor told me that, because preservatives are bad for the eye if you are putting it in all the time.

Anonymous Says:
Pollen can cause problems at certain times of the year.  That can certainly cause itchy and dry eyes, and can come and go based upon how much pollen is in the air and what state you live in as that matters also.  

To the poster above, make sure if putting drops in that you are NOT putting in the red eye treatment drops and stuff like that, make sure they are artificial tears only (it should say on the box use as often as necessary) as some people use the red eye drops and that is not good to put that stuff in your eyes all the time so check the box and labels.

Anonymous Says:
same thing with me, when I first wake up mye eyes are really dry and itchy, but its normally not bad during the day, only when I first wake up so i put those rewetting drops in immediately.

Anonymous Says:
Read the other post on this site about lid scrubs and blepharitis, thats why the dry eyes occurred with me and it helps dramatically.

Anonymous Says:
Make sure you dont have conjunctivis.  I had this and thought it was just dry eyes and light sensitivity.  I went to opthamologist and after getting it treated the light sensitivity was gone.  Opthamologist doctors know way more then optometrist so thats who you go to for issues like this.

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