Why Does Knee Pop When Walking Up Stairs


  Asked by Anonymous - Why Does Knee Pop When Walking Up Stairs :
I have never had knee problems in my life but now my knee kind of "pops" right in front of the knee cap area.  This happens whenever I go up stairs, and it hurts mildly.  Its fine walking around and seems to be find shortly after that, but when I go up the stairs again on each step it feels like I need to be carefull stepping.  What would causet this to start happening?  As I said I have never had knee surgeries or knee pain before or anything like that.

Anonymous Says:
Do you sit alot with your job daily?

Anonymous Says:
Here is why I'm asking, and this is some pretty good information I'll pass along as I had a similiar situation.  I do alot of sitting daily at a desk, and as you get into your 30s and 40s, your legs will get really weak from lack of exercise.  I think it is why my knees (both) started making a little popping sound which seemed similiar to yours, mine was right below the knee cap in front where I would get pain there taking stairs.  The strange thing is I did workout nightly, but not really any leg workouts.  I suspected that may be the problem so I started out by walking nightly for 30 minutes.  I was even getting some mild knee popping then, but that was still mild compared to the knee popping when I went up stairs.  I started by doing the walking 4 days a week, I couldnt do any leg weights because I was afraid to try it at that time.  The amazing thing here was that after about 3 or 4 weeks of doing that, I noticed my knee popping was rarely occurring on the stairs!  I was surprised as I wasnt sure that would help or not, but once I realized that I started doing light jogging the 2nd month with walking, and after a couple months my knees didn't pop again or hurt again on any stairs. I realized then I had to exercise the legs and today I do leg weights and fast walking.  

By the way its been years since that was happening, I workout 4-5 days a week and my knees have never popped or hurt again since that time period.  Its pretty crazy but it shows how bad all that sitting is for the legs.  I think back to how bad it might be had I never discovered that and started doing that, hopefully this helps you past that.

Anonymous Says:
By the way other options are getting a good stationary bike so you can do 30 minutes in your house, jump rope in garage (but thats hard, you need to do something longer), etc.  I think there are alot of things you can do but just getting outside and walking (walk as if you are in a hurry to get somewhere) for 30 minutes is pretty easy to get done daily.  For doing leg weights I go to the gym obviously but I think just the other stuff would be enough (was for me, but I started doing leg weights anyways later on).

Anonymous Says:
This is one of those things where you better nip it in the bud RIGHT NOW because you will reach a point where it will be much harder to recover as you get older.  Start small, get walking for 20-30 minutes, you add to it after a few months but you must start doing something.  Its a lifestyle change, not something you temporarily fix.

Anonymous Says:
Start doing some leg press if your community has a gym there.  This pressing motion is critical because as I found out, your legs get really weak sitting at a desk all day, even more so as you get older.  I started doing 10 reps on leg press and was shocked how knee strain I felt.  I've never had knee problems, and even a light weight created knee strain.  That tells me how weak my legs have become.  After 2 months of leg weights (3 times week, and gradually worked my way up to 5 sets each of those days), the knee strain is completely gone.  I'm also lifting heavier weights now and knee strain isnt there, I realize now that this is something I need to keep doing, because nothing else can strengthen this way and your legs will get WEAK sitting all day even if walking or jogging, its almost like I was starting over.

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