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  Asked by Anonymous - Itchy Skin Under Scrotum :
I have 2 different areas on the skin that itches and turns red, its on the underside of the scrotum and it makes you want to scratch the heck out of it.  It gets worse if you scratch it.  How do I get rid of this?  I dont really want to go to the doctor and explain this as thats embarassing.  Its almost like a redish inflamed area that really itches alot at night when sleeping.  There another similiar area underneath by the anus that also itches but thats less then the area on the underside of the scrotum which seems to be the worse.

There is no blistering or anything like that which I read on the internet, just red itchy skin patch that gets worse if you scratch it but wont go away.

Dan Says:
Try this solution which worked for me.  I think you have the exact same thing I had except I had a itchy spot on the side of the scrotum also but also a spot underneath on the skin like you stated under the fold area.  

First off keep it dry because on me I noticed it was more itchy after I jogged. I also was sitting around for a while to cool down before showering and I think thats a mistake because the wet clothes keep it moist so after jogging where you have any type of sweat going, be sure to shower immediately and get all sweat cleaned off and dry the area. Make sure you are cooled down so that you dont start sweating again after this. Keeping that area moist and sweaty is perfect for fungus and bacteria!  This helped alot with the itching by doing this.

Then after that I started rubbing aloe vera gel on it (make sure its just 100% aloe vera gel, nothing else added).  I put this is on anytime it itched, and before bed, and shower and clean that area good and try that for a week.  You should see improvement by keeping it dry and if it itches in middle of night I got up and put aloe vera on it as you can NOT scratch it even in your sleep as that will make it never go away.

Dan Says:
Here is another thing, after showering even if you towel dry that underside is often still moist.  I used a small fan that angles upward so I could turn it on for 45 seconds or so and stand over it once I was done drying off after the showering as that drys out that entire underside.  Fungus need moisture so it should be completely dry after showering.

Anonymous Says:
Here is something I read online that I havent tried yet.  But I have this similiar itchy scrotum and I am going to try this starting today, but also going to do what you said above to make sure the skin always remains dry there.

Wipe it with white vinegar which is acidic.  1 part vinegar to 3 parts water.  

If that doesnt work I'm going to try apple cider vinegar which is antibacterial and antifungal both.  It says online 1 tablespoon per glass but them shower it off after dabbing that on the area.

I'm going to try this first as I have both of these vinegars at home right now and if that doesnt work I'll buy some aloe vera like you said above and try that.  

Anonymous Says:

I went to the doctor for this (just a regular MD doctor) and told him I had jock itch (I didnt know but just assumed thats what the itch and red rash was).  He actually wasnt sure what it was but said it was strange looking for jock itch, so I went to a dermatologist instead and that guy immediately told me its not jock itch and is just called "itch scrotum" and is common.  He gave me a prescription for Alcortin A cream.  That gets rid of it.  I wish I would have tried a few of these methods above as it sucks going to a doctor for this but thats my story.

Anonymous Says:
I also read that if you buy cream that says clotrimasole 1% anti-fungal that this works, thats what I was going to try before reading the responses above.  Did the skin doctor tell you its actually caused by fungus, bacteria, or just that underside skin rubbing or chaffing?

Anonymous Says:
"itchy scrotum" is actually a real thing.  You get red spots on the skin that you really want to scratch, and once you start scratching you want do it more. I would try to the aloe vera above as someone else stated as I read that aloe vera has some anti-inflamatory properties, so it may stop the itching and help that go away.

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