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  Asked by Anonymous - Get Rid Of Wart On Nose :
I have a small wart on the side of my nose and I'm wondering if anyone here has tried a good way to get rid of this wart without it being to noticeable?  If I got to a dermatologist I was told those doctors just freeze it off but that will leave a blister and scar there for quite a while.  

Jim Says:
I was able to get rid of a similiar wart on my nose (on me the wart was right on the side, kind of where the glasses would sit on your nose) by using duct tape and wart remover (salicylic acid) but only doing it on nights and weekends, and not having anything on it during the day while working.

If you dab just a little of the salicylic acid on the wart, just enough to cover the wart and not outside of it, then put duct tape over it.
Thats what I did.  I forget how many days I did this, probably a week.  It will get a small scab but just the size of the wart so its not that big of a deal.

Anonymous Says:
Would the duct tape alone do it?  Or do I have to use the wart remover with it?   Online many say duct tape eventually gets rid of warts.

Anonymous Says:
Also, did you also do this when sleeping?

Anonymous Says:
Yes, at night when I got home from work and leave it on all night sleeping.  You should wash the skin first to get the grease off the nose (or at least thats what I did so the tiny piece of duct tape fits tightly around the wart and sticks the nose so it wont come off at night).

I'm just telling you what I did so I dont know if duct tape alone would work.  The wart remover stuff is cheap, just one little bottle is all you need.  I just cut off a small square piece of duct tape large enough to completely seal around the wart.

I could tell the wart was gone when it was finally done, it worked pretty slick but you have to stick to it.  The scab looked like nothing more then just a small scrape or pimple, and quickly disappeared so its really not that noticeable, at least on me it wasn't.

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