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  Asked by Anonymous - Get Rid Of Wart On Nose :
I have a small wart on the side of my nose and I'm wondering if anyone here has tried a good way to get rid of this wart without it being to noticeable?  If I got to a dermatologist I was told those doctors just freeze it off but that will leave a blister and scar there for quite a while.  

Jim Says:
I was able to get rid of a similiar wart on my nose (on me the wart was right on the side, kind of where the glasses would sit on your nose) by using duct tape and wart remover (salicylic acid) but only doing it on nights and weekends, and not having anything on it during the day while working.

If you dab just a little of the salicylic acid on the wart, just enough to cover the wart and not outside of it, then put duct tape over it.
Thats what I did.  I forget how many days I did this, probably a week.  It will get a small scab but just the size of the wart so its not that big of a deal.

Anonymous Says:
Would the duct tape alone do it?  Or do I have to use the wart remover with it?   Online many say duct tape eventually gets rid of warts.

Anonymous Says:
Also, did you also do this when sleeping?

Anonymous Says:
Yes, at night when I got home from work and leave it on all night sleeping.  You should wash the skin first to get the grease off the nose (or at least thats what I did so the tiny piece of duct tape fits tightly around the wart and sticks the nose so it wont come off at night).

I'm just telling you what I did so I dont know if duct tape alone would work.  The wart remover stuff is cheap, just one little bottle is all you need.  I just cut off a small square piece of duct tape large enough to completely seal around the wart.

I could tell the wart was gone when it was finally done, it worked pretty slick but you have to stick to it.  The scab looked like nothing more then just a small scrape or pimple, and quickly disappeared so its really not that noticeable, at least on me it wasn't.

Anonymous Says:
I'm trying to get rid of a couple small warts on my hand and duct tape didnt seem to work.  I'll try the wart remover method with the duct tape to see if that will get rid of it.  thanx

Jim Says:
To the prev poster, I had 3 small warts on my hand (all grouped together), and I was afraid they would spread as it was the first time I ever had warts (actually I thought they were warts but I didnt really know).  I went to the dermatologist and she sprayed the area with a small circle of liquid nitrogen to freeze it.  It then just blisters for a week or two, and eventually scabs and falls off and the warts are gone.  The interesting thing with this is I had a red circle (scar) there for months that was obvious against the white skin.  Not a big deal, but one day I was out in the sun and got slightly sun burnt and when it tanned over that scar was gone after that even when the tan area went away.  Kind of interesting, its like the skin color changing got rid of that red circle area for good.  (But then again sun burn isnt good for skin, but just thought it was interesting to know).

I wouldnt do that liquid nitrogen treatment for warts on the nose though because I wouldn't want that blister on my nose (or scar even if for a few months).  I wonder what the dermatologist would do if you had the wart on the nose instead of hand?  I'm not sure ......

Anonymous Says:
I would try the small piece of duct tape as mentioned above, and just remove it at work, but you have to stick with it and get it back on and use the wart remover stuff under it.  If it creates a tiny scab on your nose so what, thats much better then the alternative and you will get rid of it.

Make sure the duct tape piece is just big enough square to completely cover and enclose the wart on your nose, and wash your nose good with soap and water before applying it so it will stick tightly.  Thats important also, heck its good to wash your face with soap in the middle of the day and again at night anyways to keep that oil buildup from happening on your face.

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