Kicked Table Leg, Do I Have Broken Toe?


  Asked by Anonymous - Kicked Table Leg, Do I Have Broken Toe? :
Walking barefooted and kicked a table leg accidently, but kicked it REALLY HARD.  The pain really hurt and still hurts now, is there anything that can be done if its a broken toe?  Do I actually need to have a doctor look at it or just wait for it to heal?

Dan Says:
I assume you kicked it with the outer side of the table?  Is your foot black or blueish on the foot part?

Anonymous Says:
Dan, yeah its bruised about 3 inches up the foot.  Hurts to even walk and hurts to even wear a shoe.

Dan Says:
I wouldn't be surprised if you cracked some bones in there since its changing color like that.  Personally I wouldnt go to the doctor unless you saw toes out of alignment.  Thats just my opinion, they will probably xray and tell you the bones are cracked or not, but its not like they can do anything.

You will be sore for a long time, that could take 6 weeks or more to heal.

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