Fastest Way To Help Scar Heal


  Asked by Anonymous - Fastest Way To Help Scar Heal :
I just had mohs surgery and I currently have stitches in place.  Is there anything I can do to  help the scar heal faster?  The scar is much longer then the tiny area they removed.

Anonymous Says:
What my doctor told me (I had similiar with stitches, the stitches were in for 4 full days), was that the area should remain moist. They told me that once 2 days past (keep it covered during this time), then start putting vaseline on it, just a light coating covering the stitches and wound area.  The doctor told me its important to keep it moist because this helps it heal much faster.

Anonymous Says:
I need to go to walgreens to get vaseline.  Is vaseline and petroleum jelly the same thing?  I dont want to put something on it that will make it worse or get infected, but you are right I called the doctors office and they said it should be kept moist and covered to not dry out or get scabs.

Anonymous Says:
Even though vaseline comes from oil (seems weird right?), it has all impurities removed out of it.  Yes its the same as petroleum jelly but I would make sure to buy the real name brand, not some off the wall generic version because you want to make sure its the real stuff with impurities removed from it, so I wouldnt get anything generic cast off.

Dan Says:
They tell you to put vaseline on the stitches because it has multiple advantages.  It seals it so bacteria cant infect it and it doesn't wash off easily with water, and it keeps the scar moist so scabs dont form which means healing can occur much faster.   This helps the scar in the long term and makes it less noticeable, you dont want it dried out and scab covered.

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