Spot On Back Wont Stop Itching


  Asked by Anonymous - Spot On Back Wont Stop Itching :
This has been going on for a very long time, but there is one small area on my back which seems to always itch.  At first I thought it might be a pimple or mole or something there, I cant really see it but that same exact spot itches all the time off and on.

I'm wondering if this is  normal or if its something I should actually get checked out.

Anonymous Says:
I can only speak for myself but when I had a similiar situation (right between shoulder blades) where I was always scratching against the wall, and I think I was doing that for 2 years.  Finally when I was at the doctor (dermatologist doctor) I figured I would ask him since they are the experts with this type of stuff.  He said he did see something there but thought it was nothing but did a biopsy anyways (dont panic hearing that, its normally always nothing and its just a small shot and he cuts a tiny piece off, you dont really feel anything other then a simple shot).  Its literally done in seconds.

He told me its common to have an irritated mole that itches like this.  It could also just be dry skin.  Eventually 2 weeks later they told me it was nothing.  The itch on my back is now gone  lol.  I guess they shaved it off so that fixed that also.  You dont even need stitches or anything like that because its almost like a shaving cut and band aid is all you need.

Anonymous Says:
I had an itchy spot on my bank also and the dermatologist told me its nothing.  Still itches now and then but at least I got the dermatologist opionion on it :)

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