How Much Does Moh's Surgery Cost?


  Asked by Anonymous - How Much Does Moh's Surgery Cost? :
I just had this moh's surgery done (mine was just in front of my ear) and they had to make 2 attempts done on same day to complete it.  They charged me $1200  (this was in 2017).

By the way I just listed all the steps they did to complete it in case you are wondering what all the step by step of moh's surgery procedure is:

Anonymous Says:
By the way the charge they showed on the insurance bill when I checked this later showed around $2500 as the cost, but insurance adjusts the costs that they charge.

Anonymous Says:
Its definitely worth it to get mohs surgery if on your face, because the scar (jaw line) its not really even visible anymore after a year.  At least on me it wasnt, and it was about a 3 or 4 inch scar to begin with.

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