Whats Your Favorite Way To Cook Fish?

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  Asked by Anonymous - Whats Your Favorite Way To Cook Fish? :
Do you prefer filleting fish?  How do you like to cook them?  Just looking for more ideas.

Anonymous Says:
I might be in the minority, but I'm not a fan of filleting fish.  I just like to gut them and take the head off, and cook them whole that way, to me it just tastes better cooking them whole with the bones in.  I usually wrap them in foil and grill them (indoor electric grill or outdoor grill, either is fine).  Much easier and faster to clean the fish that way too, and you dont waste any meat.  

Dan Says:
The other thing I should have said, I dont even take the scales off before cooking, no reason to waste time scaling when you grill fish wrapped in foil (especially if its a fish with larger scales, maybe a small scale fish like bluegills, bass, or trout I would probably scale since its very easy to scale those types of fish, but those I would fry in a pan also because their meat is so soft on those fish.).  When you are done cooking and you peel back the foil, the entire outer shell of the fish just peels off with the foil, and if it doesnt stick to foil then it easily lifts off.  I love cooking fish that way.

Anonymous Says:
Heh how many times do you fold the foil over the fish?  How long do you grill it?  Any special techniques with this to share?

Anonymous Says:
Heres what I do (many years of doing this, works great).  Take head off and gut fish, then leave scales on.  Fold tin foil over it once, and crease the bottom end and sides to seal it.  Dont use any oil or anything on the foil, you want the foil to "stick" as it cooks as the entire outer shell will stick or easily slide off when done.  At this point its sealed all the way around the fish.  I usually now poke maybe 3 or 4 tiny holes on each side, this is so any liquid inside will drip away as it cooks.  Now I just grill for about 50 minutes (assuming its lets say .... 20 inch redfish, or 24 inch black drum, sheepshead, something decent sized like that as they are thick and have big scales).  I flip it every 10-15 minutes, it basically steams inside it and you really cant over cook it from what I've seen.  I would cook "longer rather then shorter" to make sure its cooked well all the way through.  When done the entire outer shell can easily slide off and the meat will easily slide right off the bone on to a plate.

Anonymous Says:
Also that above is how I do thick fish with big scales, the way I cook catfish or bullhead is I typically skin it, then take the head off and gut it, then fry it in pan.  I dont even take the tail off.   With softer meat fish like sunfish, bass, or trout, I would scale those since its so easy (small scales on those), and fry in pan like I do with catfish.  I guess you could probably steam those in foil to if you wanted, in that case I would oil the foil because you certainly dont want it sticking to those since there is no outer shell to remove.

K.S. Says:
I prefer just fillet it, cut it into squares, dry breading with flour, and fry in the pan.  I should probably try some other methods though because these all sound good.

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