Do You Ever Catch Eels?

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  Asked by Anonymous - Do You Ever Catch Eels? :
I have never caught an eel but surprisingly I see videos online of people catching them fishing in the mississippi river.  They are also talking about them being the best tasting thing they fish for and that there is a ton of meat on them because there are few bones in eels.

I would like to try them but is there anything specific I need to use for bait for eels?  Are they only in the mississippi river?  I have fishing many rivers that connect to the mississippi river and have never even seen 1 eel caught by anyone.  Thx

Anonymous Says:
I catch eels in the ocean, but they are too small to eat, at least the eels I catch.  I dont even know what they are, they are really skinny like small snake, and usually only 15 inches long or shorter.  There wouldnt be any meat on those types that I get.

Anonymous Says:
I think it depends what type of eels you are talking about.  Some are really small and skinny and there would be no meat on them, other types that are larger I heard are very good eating but I havent tried or caught them.  

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