Good Spot To Go Fishing In Iowa?

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  Asked by Anonymous - Good Spot To Go Fishing In Iowa? :
Can you tell me some good locations to go fishing in Iowa?

Anonymous Says:
Dude!  Iowa has creeks and rivers EVERYWHERE.   On top of that there are ponds and lakes everywhere.  Do you seriously think you are not going to find a fishing spot there?

Anonymous Says:
It depends what types of fish you are fishing for in Iowa.  Walleye?  Bass?  Catfish?  Trout?  Perch?  Bluegill?  What?  Even stuff like sucker fishing and carp fishing are popular in Iowa and pretty fun, even though those aren't the eating type of fish.

Anonymous Says:
Thanks for the response.  The answer to that is "anything that bites"  lol :^)  I wont be fishing the mississippi river because I wont be anywhere near that.  Just wondering about the center of Iowa which is where I will be, so I guess I wish be fishing any lake or river so probably panfish like perch and bluegill when in the lakes or maybe bass if they bite.  I would try rivers there but not sure what to fish for there in iowa rivers.  I'll probably just find a bait shop somewhere and ask them what to use there.

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