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  Asked by Anonymous - Fishing Intracoastal Waterway :
Do you seem to have more success fishing in the intracoastal itself or do you prefer going into the side creeks that are connecting to the intracoastal waterway?

Mark Says:
I fish in the northeast areas of Florida (many places) in the intracoastal and st johns river both, but also many creeks throughout.  I think your question depends on what type of fishing or what types of fish you are trying to catch.  You will certainly catch more different types of fish in the intracoastal or st john's river but some types of fish are also in all the creeks (redfish, trout, flounder, etc).

Anonymous Says:
The time of year can also vary greatly!  Some fish migrate through.

Anonymous Says:
If you fish the weed lines in the intracoastal, you can get redfish and mangrove snappers along those shorelines especially.  Then again I think reds will move up and down the shorelines in the intracoastal and in the mudflats, I think its just hit or miss when I'm out there.

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