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  Asked by Anonymous - Best Fish Bait :
Assuming you are not talking about lures or fake bait, what do you think the best fishing bait is?

Anonymous Says:
Fishing bait depends on what you are fishing for, explain...

Anonymous Says:
Sorry.  I'm mostly fishing for black drum and redfish, but if flounder bites I wont be disappointed  :)

Anonymous Says:
Shrimp is a very popular bait for both, blue crab pieces also.

Anonymous Says:
People often ignore the simplest and most proven methods when it comes to bait. One of the best walleye fisherman once told me his secret, where everyone thought he was using a twister with a minnow, or a specific type of lure, he usually just uses a nightcrawler or leech on a hook.  Worms or nightcrawlers have worked great for fish for a 100 years, they still work great now.  Fish love the smell of those and its natural bait. You can also hook it on so it creates alot of movement.  Its often overlooked as almost all fish love them, whether its walleye, largemouth bass, redhorse suckers, white suckers, all catfish, trout, etc.

Anonymous Says:
I never use lures, always real bait, I dont really care to always be casting and would rather just bottom fish.  I think I've tried about everything but minnows seem to be my favorite and also is the bait I have hte most success with.

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