Is This A Catfish Or A Bullhead?

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  Asked by Anonymous - Is This A Catfish Or A Bullhead? :
I dont recognize this fish and I've probably caught a dozen of them over the past few years just like this.  I dont think its a bullhead but it also doesnt look like a catfish either.  The tail is forked a little on the ones I catch but not as forked as a channel cat or blue catfish, but the body and head is very much like a bullhead.

Anonymous Says:
By the way my friend thinks these are small blue catfish?

Anonymous Says:
Crap forgot the link.  Its here

Darin Says:
I think its a white catfish.  Are you fishing near salt water or creek that connects to ocean somewhere?  They are usually caught in that type of water and are not common elsewhere.   Its not a blue cat, and its not a channel cat, and you are right they kind of look like a bigger bullhead except gray colored and with forked tail.

Anonymous Says:

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