Is It Hard To Build Your Own Fishing Pond?

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  Asked by Anonymous - Is It Hard To Build Your Own Fishing Pond? :
I mean a small pond, I have the land for it.  I'm wondering if this is hard to do and would I waste a bunch of time and money trying to do this?  Is it hard to stock with fish?  I would like to not only fish it but eat fish out of there, mostly I would stock bass in it.

Anonymous Says:
I recommend talking to others that already have built their own fishing pond. I have no doubt you would learn alot and most of these types of people love talking about it and would be very helpfull imo

James Says:
Pay close attention to what you put in the pond for cover once its dug out.  You cant just dig a hole, fish wont reproduce without having cover and the pond will die out.  You need cover for shallow water for small fish, and deeper water for both small and big fish.  Small fish need to be able to get away without running forever from big fish, and your pond will die out without proper shelter.  Birds and large fish are always after small fish, they need areas to flee to.  

Some ideas I have seen others do?  I've seen some dig out ponds and before it fills with water, they then put big logs all along shore going from shallow to deeper (although wood wont last forever of course). I've seen people go to the dump to get cement blocks and broken cement coverts to throw around in the deep end and shallower areas, anything like that where fish can go under or around it is good.  Large rocks or river rocks are good in sections as some fish like this.  One person put one of those fake Christmas trees into a flower pot and filled the pot with cement and put it on the bottom.  This created a bunch of small branches sticking out for small fish to squeeze in between.  Think variety like this for your pond to succeed.

Dan Says:
Fish combinations are important, you cant just put bass in.  You need to create a fish chain.  Bluegills (or sunfish) and catfish are usually with bass, thats because bluegills will feed on insects and larvae, and bass and catfish will feed on the bluegills.

I was reading up on this a while ago and someone stated that bullheads or crappie can quickly over take a small pond as they reproduce quickly.  Be aware that you should be eating some of those fish regularly if that is happening or you get overcrowding and fish dieing, but eating alot regularly is a good problem to have :-)

Anonymous Says:
Man I would love to own my own fishing pond!  I think it would not only be fun fishing it and eating fish out of it, but also fun making the pond and putting cover in it and all that stuff.

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