Do You Usually Tell People Your Fishing Spot?

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  Asked by Anonymous - Do You Usually Tell People Your Fishing Spot? :
Do you usually tell people when they ask where did you catch the fish etc?  (Alot of times I dont want to say exactly because I'm afraid the next time I'm out there they are going to be sitting right in my fishing spot).  What do you normally tell them?

Anonymous Says:
For me I guess it depends on the area.  If its a small creek, where there isnt alot of areas and I'm fishing from the bank, then I dont want to tell them exactly where I caught the fish because I dont really have that many choices on where I can go. Like you said I would want them standing right in my spot. If its a large lake or one of 50 places I fish at, then I will tell them the area because there are so many other choices that I also fish at.

Anonymous Says:
The only people that ever see the fish I catch are my fishing friends, so I tell them because they are close friends and we often fish together.  Other then that I dont even show people the fish because I keep in a bucket and keep it covered when I come in and no one see's it except for my fishing friends when I get home or show pictures, etc.

When people on the dock say "catch anything"?   I say "mostly small stuff".  Thats as generic as I need to be  :-)

Anonymous Says:
If its a fsihing spot I always fish at then no.  Otherwise I dont care and I'll tell them

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