What Time Do Fish Bite?

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  Asked by Don - What Time Do Fish Bite? :
It seems like most peope like to be out early fishing, or be out late in the day fishing, and others fish right mid-day. What is your preference ?

Anonymous Says:
Fish dont bite 24 hours a day.  They are always constantly feeding.  Just like humans, we aren't trying to shove food in our mouths 24 hours a day (well not all of us :-)

Anonymous Says:
I think most people fish early in the day or late in the day because:

1) Its hot out other times.
2) Its sunny out other times, and substantial sun is bad for you and makes your skin look like tar.
3) It does seem to be better fish biting during those times, I'm guessing if its really hot during the daytime then that plays a part to even for the fish.

Anonymous Says:
Adding on to my previous post, I'm sure it matters alot what type of fish you are fishing for, and how deep the water is where you are fishing at!

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