Fishing Cedar River In Cedar Rapids Iowa

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  Asked by Anonymous - Fishing Cedar River In Cedar Rapids Iowa :
Where do you recommend fishing here?  There are many places and I seem to get alot of bites but I never get anything that big.

Anonymous Says:
It depends what you are fishing for.  Alot of iowa rivers are really good fishing.

Anonymous Says:
Catfish and bass are the main targets I guess, but I like catchign anything. :0

Anonymous Says:
Cedar rapids has alot of dams and you can catch flathead catfish (and big catfish) along those areas.  Lots of channel catfish everywhere, drum everywhere also and they bite the same bait.  I dont catch alot of bass in the cedar but then again I dont fish for those much.  

Different times of the year some nice walleye and pike are caught in the cedar river and those are very good eating fish.  I've caught walleye but usually by accident, I probably should fish for htose more.

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