When Fishing I Sometimes Go Hours Without A Bite?

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  Asked by Anonymous - When Fishing I Sometimes Go Hours Without A Bite? :
Is that just me or do others go this long without getting bites also?  It seems like others aren't having this situation

Anonymous Says:
Dont feel bad because I fish for redfish (salt water creeks) and there are areas that I consider some of my best redfish locations, and I've had days without "1" bite there.  Hard to figure out, sometimes its just hit or miss when fishing .

Anonymous Says:
Thats why they call it fishing and not catching :)

Anonymous Says:
Dont fish in the middle of the hot day in the dog days of summer.  Fish dont like to be active in that heat just like people dont like it either

Anonymous Says:
Its not uncommon for me to have a 30 minute period where fish are biting like crazy, then all of a sudden the bite turns off in the exact same fishing spot.  Anyone that showed up after that 30 minute period probably thinks its a terrible fishing spot, but actually the bite turned off.  Thats very common actually.

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