Catfish Bait Do You Use Chicken Liver, Minnows Or Stink Bait?

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  Asked by Anonymous - Catfish Bait Do You Use Chicken Liver, Minnows Or Stink Bait? :
When you fish for catfish do you prefer chicken liver?  I have a friend who uses nothing but that, but it seems like most use different types of stink bait and/or minnows as bait ?

Anonymous Says:
I dont like chicken liver just because its so sloppy and bloody and doesn't really stay on the hook very well.  Maybe it depends on where you are fishing because I feel like it also draws in alot of bugs when night fishing for catfish.

Anonymous Says:
I've always been a fan of minnows or bait fish.  Not only because catfish love it, but because alot of other fish love it also.  I catch many fish besides just catfish when I use that for bait.  If you use chicken liver or stink bait then you are limited to only catfish and bullheads.

Anonymous Says:
Catfish like almost any type of minnows, cutup fish, worms, and even corn.  I've caught many on simply corn and its a simple and cheap bait to get.  Bigger whole kernel corn that fits better on hook.  Bait like crawdads and frogs and stuff like that works also of course, stink baits work well (but are messy), and hot dogs even work but I havent tried those (no reason to).

The dumbest baits I've seen used are these that spray wd-40 oil on the bait, and a catfish bites it (which they would have without the oil), and they proclaim I FOUND A GREAT CATFISH SECRET!   Its literallly the dumbest thing I've ever seen.  

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