Can You Eat Fish Out Of Farm Ponds?

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  Asked by Anonymous - Can You Eat Fish Out Of Farm Ponds? :
Do eat fish you catch out of farm ponds?  I catch quite a few bluegill and crappie in a small farm pond.  I've eaten some of them but want to make sure thats safe.  Isnt there a bunch of farm run off?

Anonymous Says:
I grew up eating alot of small pond fish just like you are talking about.  Mostly bluegill and bullhead where I was at.  All that run off also goes to the Mississippi where last I read about half a million pounds of catfish and other fish get commercially caught out of this river and sent to restaurants and other places across the country.  I cant see how thats any different unless the pond is in a really bad location surrounded by fertilizer run off, but then again that would probably kill off fish if that was the case.

Anonymous Says:
Each state provides water tests, check your state wildlife reports which should be online (fish and game reports or whatever your state calls it, also heard it called DNR in some states).  More often then not most fish they say eat once or twice a week, stuff like mercury plays a part but I've read alot of that stuff and omega 3 from fish has huge benefits, and the mercury doesn't bother you unless you are eating it in large quantities.  

You could probably say any food in large quantities isnt good for you :)

Anonymous Says:
Even in salt water, the ocean fish they say eat once or twice a week.  Its not just ponds and rivers, but ocean they recommend the same.

Don Says:
I would probably guess that I have eaten about 500 fish in my lifetime out of farm ponds  lol  maybe more then that.  Bass, bluegill, sunfish, bullhead and catfish.  Probably about 4 ponds is where I got most of them, all remote farm fields and very small ponds where I dont think anyone ever even fished them.  I know the owners, and if I lived close there today I would be taking more of them.

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