Bluefish Size To Weight Conversion Chart

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  Asked by Anonymous - Bluefish Size To Weight Conversion Chart :
Is there a conversion chart showing the bluefish weight based on inches long? I dont need it to be perfect but I catch quite a few bluefish and dont really care to do the hassle of weighing them.  Thanks

Anonymous Says:
By the way I caught a 28 inch bluefish and I'm wondering if that was over 10 pounds :)

Joe Says:
I would say a 28 inch bluefish is certainly close to the 10 pound mark.  Probably 8 to 9 is my guess.

Anonymous Says:
Reading and looking at bluefish pics online, you can use this as a chart and kind of figure it out if in between.

15 inch bluefish is around 1 1/2 pounder.
20 inch bluefish is just over 3 pounds.
25 inch bluefish is just under 6 pounds.

So that gives a good guess on what they weigh.  Weight can vary obviously so if yours looks quite fat for that size, then I would guess to the high side.

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